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Experience in the space

Dive into a wide array of spaces for enthralling experiences. Attend digital events, play captivating games, or simply hang out with your friends.



The new COOL for creators

Our AIGC space engine enables users to quickly and cost-effectively build their own space with 0 code and no art resources. Craft epic gaming worlds, create hangout spaces, hosting meetings or mega concerts, our templates cater to all scales and genres.

AIDigital human

A 3d version of GPT

You can have rich communication and interaction with intelligent digital people in the style of anime, 3d cartoon, 3d stylized, realistic and so on. Support you to customized your digital person interactive functions and commercialized marketing functions to create a unique digital person virtual experience.


AI Generation

AI recommendation algorithm, AI behavior, large language model access, speech-to-text conversion.

Cost Effective

Low cost & fast deployment makes it accessible to everyone, be it individual creators, developers or businesses.


Compatible across various devices, from AR and VR headsets to wearables like smart glasses and even cloud-based solutions.


Expansive digital environment where users can explore, interact, and create without any limitations.


Nurtures a thriving community and encourages collaborations between developers and businesses – to co-create space experiences.


Shared access between spaces where one can seamlessly transition from one universe to another and ensures a continuity of experience.

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